Pretty in Pink | Austin TX Baby Photographer

This beautiful baby girl is so pretty in pink. I never get tired of dressing up baby girls in pink, lace and tiny, flowery headbands. I love snuggling all babies as an Austin TX baby photographer, but the girls are a special treat since I have three beautiful boys.  I think this first image of her is my favorite and a new favorite pose. I feel it’s a picture of how they grew in the womb and a beautiful peek into their tiny life before they make their entrance into the world. And, because she made her entrance into the world a couple of weeks early, she was just so tiny. No matter how many babies I see their size never ceases to amaze me. They are always tiny, perfect and precious.

Another great resource for my new parents is Stork Maternity Consulting. I have worked with these lovely ladies on several projects and they provide resources such as lactation consultants, postpartum doulas and a boutique with lots of newborn goodies!